JPOP Scrap Purchasing program

JPOP is the first most scrap and CRV database purchasing program on iPad in the market. It has made by an engineer and recycler with simplicity, durability in mind. JPOP is the least expensive with the most advanced technology in the world.

    Here are some futures for JPOP.
  • JPOP works with iPad and android operated both 7 (mini) and 10 inches pads.
  • JPOP satisfies all the requirements from police departments nationwide for anti theft regulations and notably the most restricted one from LAPD THEFT METAL.
  • JPOP operates with both iPad and iPad mini.
  • JPOP Works with all android operated pads both 7 and 10 inches.
  • JPOP works with all air-print printers available in the market such as Brother ,HP and Epson for check printing.
  • JPOP connects with bluetooth to 3/4 inches star mobile printer.
  • JPOP uses the iPad camera to grab all the information from ID cards from all 50 states and put it in customer database automatically. it also grab the info from all the South American consulate ID.
  • JPOP has Biometric capabilities and connects with Bluetooth to fingerprint device to save customer finger print in The customer database.
  • JPOP can be integrated to quick book for complete bookkeeping records.
  • JPOP can print checks from Air-Print printer.
  • JPOP takes picture from back, front of ID, and customer face right from iPad and store it in the database.
  • JPOP can make a daily log with all the information for printing or email.
  • JPOP creates daily cash reconciliation.
  • JPOP creates shipping report for each material to different processor.
  • JPOP creates daily logs for CRV as well as non ferrous to be reported to Police Department for Metal Theft Protection.
  • JPOP can take picture from the purchased material with iPad and store it for future review right within the purchase order.
  • JPOP is a paperless. You can text or email the receipt/purchase order, inventory, shipping report, daily log right from iPad and save all the data in cloud storage.
  • JPOP is very flexible for material pricing structure. It has been designed that for the same material with different purity percentage enter the clean material price and just put purity percentage for calculation. therefore there is no need for different name and prices for the same item.
  • JPOP is capable to be connected remotely from anywhere for price changing. You can remotely connect to your employee iPad from anywhere to change prices., add and delete an item from your list.
  • JPOP can be connected to cash drawer, with complete security system for safeguarding the cash inside register.
  • JPOP is most advanced , top notch technology, most friendly user, and least expensive program in the market.

How to get started?

To start it is easy. Please visit visit the apple App Store and download a free trial under JPOP. What you need is iPad 3 or later and download the program for $99.00 per month.

IPad with blue tooth capability and Internet connectivity, Air-Printer (optional for check printing) finger print scanning device (optional) and mobile printer (optional). You can have the system today Just $99.00 per month or anually for $999.00 Please visit

Available on the App Store

JPOP hardware connectivity:

IPad with blue tooth capability and Internet connectivity, Air-Printer (optional for check printing) finger print scanning device (optional) and mobile printer (optional).

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